Mirco Power Plant with Solar Power and Battery Storage System and Generators

Mirco Power Plant Solution System: Integrate Solution System Incluidng: Diesel and Gas Generators (20kW-10MW) Solar Power System with PV and Inverter, Data Center  (5kW-10MW) Lithium Battery Storage and control system (10kW-5MW) AC/DC ATS & SYNC system Main Grid Supplying


Household Power Supply with Solar PV and Batetry Storage System
Power Station for Oil Field
Perkins Contianer Type Generator
SWT Gas Generaor 24kW-300kW
Lighting Tower Powered by Genset
Perkins Silent Generator 20kVA-200kVA
Cummins Diesel Power Plant
600W Solar Lighting Tower
HV Series 1200W Lighting Tower
Perkins High Voltage Generator
Diesel Generator Powered by Kubota
Diesel Generator Powered by MTU 1000kVA-3000kVA

Guangdong Superwatt Power Equipment Co., Ltd

SWT-Superwatt Power Group, the pioneer of power equipment manufacturer in China, was establishe…

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