Household Power Supply with Solar PV and Batetry Storage System

Provide lithium energy storage system for household,  industrial and commercial users Provide solutions for clean energy applications Core values: Professionalism, sharing, innovation, responsibility Company vision: Commit to clean, safe, intelligent green energy solutions!  Strive to become a leading green energy grid provider! Reliable products: Self-built battery analysis and testing / energy storage safety and  reliability laboratory; All energy storage systems are manufactured using CATL LFP cells;


Power Station for Oil Field
Perkins Contianer Type Generator
SWT Gas Generaor 24kW-300kW
Lighting Tower Powered by Genset
Perkins Silent Generator 20kVA-200kVA
Mirco Power Plant with Solar Power and Battery Storage System and Generators
Cummins Diesel Power Plant
600W Solar Lighting Tower
HV Series 1200W Lighting Tower
Perkins High Voltage Generator
Diesel Generator Powered by Kubota
Diesel Generator Powered by MTU 1000kVA-3000kVA

Guangdong Superwatt Power Equipment Co., Ltd

SWT-Superwatt Power Group, the pioneer of power equipment manufacturer in China, was establishe…

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