Shenzhenshi Zhenhuan Electronic Co., Ltd


8-9 Floor, Building 2, Fengxing Lane No.1, Fenghuang First Industrial Zone, Fuyong St., Baoan Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Shenzhen, China

Shenzhenshi ZhenHuan Electronic Co., Ltd.(Shenzhen Keysun Technology Limited), was founded in 2008, is the executive director of the Institute of China switching power supply adapter unit, set product development, manufacturing, sales and service in one. We focus on switching power supply, AC/DC power adapter, battery Charger, LED power supply, Dimmable LED driver, Transformer and so on. The company products of power from output 3W to 320W (output voltage 4.2V to 48V, output current 0.3A to 20A) a total of 1000 kinds of models that can satisfy the demands for different types of consumer electronic devices. ZhenHuan Electronic strives to bring low cost, fast delivery production to the world. We are committed to minimizing adverse impacts and improving process efficiency in accordance with legislation & ISO 9001:2015. ZhenHuan Electronic is required to meet different power supply driver requirements of scores of industries with a number of automatic production line and e…

101W~150W DC Adapters 76W~100W DC Adapters Multiple Plugs Adapters 66W~75W DC Adapters 40W~65W DC Adapters P series LED Driver KR Plug Fixed Adapters 19W~39W DC Adapters E series LED Driver EU Plug Fixed Adapters N series LED Driver US Plug Fixed Adapters Triac Dimmable LED Driver L series LED Driver


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