Zhejiang Synmot Electrical Technology Co., Ltd


No.118 Weiliu Road, Xiaogang, Beilun, Ningbo, China

Zhejiang Synmot Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. (Synmot), with a total planned investment of 80 million USD. Synmot covers an area of 200mu and the total construction area is 180000 square meters, now is striving to build a Synmot servo industry zone. Synmot is dedicated to research and application of energy saving technology in machinery, is a professional manufacturer of servo motors, servo drives and servo systems. The rated power of Synmot servo motors is 0.2kw-160kw while the rated torque is 1 N.m-2500 Nm and the rated speed is 350 rpm-20000 rpm. The rated of Synmot drives is 0.4 kw-160 kw, which can satisfy the requirement of precise motion control in different industries. Synmot energy-saving systems have been widely used in 50 ton-3000 ton injection molding machinery, die casting machinery,hydraulic machinery, textile machinery, elevators,CNC machine tools, printing and packing, metallurgy and mines etc. Synmot has a famous electrical professor as the chief engineer.The…

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