Velon PC Board Multi-Span Greenhouse

Velon Polycarbonate Board Multi-Span Greenhouse Same as Glass Covering, Polycarbonate Cover is mainly used for the greenhouses projects in extreme climate conditions and snowy areas. But on the other hand,Polycarbonate Sheets are an effective alternative to traditional glazing in a wide variety of applications including: Commercial Greenhouses Home Greenhouses, Office Partitions, Vertical Glazing, Industrial Roofing, Pool Enclosures, Patio Covering, Window Replacement, Skylights, Domes, Shelters, Canopies, Sheds, Walkways, Carports, Sunrooms. Greenhouse Film Tunnel Greenhouse Single Span Greenhouse Glass Greenhouse Agriculture Greenhouse Pros: 1. Latest technologies implemented in polycarbonate covering development allow to reach high light and thermic transmission necessary for greenhouse cultivation. While Polycarbonate covered greenhouses can offer same continuous cultivation, year-…


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