New Hand-held Rice Transplanter

The Rice Transplanter uses the ship plate as a floating body to support the weight of the whole machine. Usually without running gear. During operation, it is pulled by manpower to make the ship board slide on the mud surface. The traveling device of 4 Row Rice Transplanter includes driving wheels, guide wheels and land transport wheels. The driving wheels are mostly blade-type iron wheels, which are divided into single-wheel drive, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. There are two types of floating body: integral ship board and spaced floating board, which support part of the weight of the machine. my country's walk-type rice transplanters mostly adopt the single-wheel drive mode of the front drive wheel and the rear integral ship plate. Two tail wheels are added for land transportation, the structure is simple, the driving resistance is small, the operation is convenient, and the driving is convenient. Straightness and cornering are good. Japan adopts the driving mode of the fron…


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