Medical Stainless/Carbon Steel Surgical Blade

Medical  Stainless/Carbon Steel  Surgical Blade Instructions:  Open the foil and make the blade on the handle. after use, remove the blade from the handle.  Sterility quaranteed unless package has been damaged or seal is broken.  Only for single-use. Use with scalpel handles. · Base material: Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel · Product Usel: This product is used for the basic surgical surgery for cutting soft tissues · Basic packing: Individually packed ,100pcs/box ,50boxes/carton · Note: Personalized specifications are possible at customer's request. Blade size 10-17 are mainly for Histology and compatible with No.3 handles;  size 18-36 are used for invasive procedures and compatible with No.4 handles. All the above-mentioned sizes are available in Carbon or Stainless and warped in foil bag. Sterilization: Sterilized by Gamma-Ray. OEM OR OME CAN BE AVAILABLE More information can…


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