Aluminum Foil Tape for colored steel sheet roof

 High strength  Adhesive Aluminum Foil Tape for colored steel sheet roof The Xunda T700 is a cold applied coating system designed for the corrosion protection water, oil gas underground or aboveground pipelines, protecting insulation coatings ,UV resistance and waterproofing for the windows,roofs ,wall and other building joints. The T700 consists of a aluminum foil or aluminum-polyester backing laminated with rubberized bitumen or butyl rubber . Flashing Tape  High strength  Adhesive Aluminum Foil Tape for colored steel sheet roof System Features Butyl Tape l Excellent resistance to UV.  l Excellent sealing performance l Excellent resistance to vapor transmission. l Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment. l Good conformability and consistent uniform thickness. l Waterproof for roofs, walls ,and other b…


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