2018 Fresh Red Star Apple

2017 Fresh Red Star Apple,Grade A,Gansu origin, Red Color 80% & up, could be packed in blush color and stripe color,smooth and shinning skin, with yellow and white color flesh, sweet and crisp,high sugar content and fragrant. Advantages of our apple Fresh red fuji apple  Crispy peel and sweet taste  High quality and competitive price  The skin is thin,crispy ,juicy ,sweet with a touch of savory Why choose us? Our Factory is Located in Jinig City, Shandong Province which is Rich in Vegetable. We supply different kinds of Vegetable Products & High Quality, Competitive Price is allowed Our Geographical Position is Extremely Superior since we are very close …


Dehydrated And Salted Dried Ginger
High Quality Fresh Ginger
Serve Fresh Regular Fresh Ginger
Fresh Case Of White Garlic Is Provided
Fresh Pure White Garlic
High Production Quality Eggplant
High Yield And Quality Potatoes
Organic Healthy Vegetable Of Cabbage
High Quality Fresh Cauliflower
Pure Natural Black Pepper Spices
Natural Seed Anise Seed
Cinnamon Is Natural And Pollution-Free

Jining Sunagro Trade Co., Ltd.

Sunagro is a developping supplier with vegetable and fruits in China.In over decade year…

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