Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution Wireless temperature measurement products are suitable for temperature monitoring of cable joints, circuit breaker contacts, copper bars, cables, and equipment surfaces in medium-voltage and low-voltage switchgear, and reflect the operating status of equipment in a timely, continuous and accurate manner to improve the safety on equipment. ARTM series electrical wireless temperature measurement products are composed of three parts: wireless temperature sensor,Wireles Temperature Data Transceiver,Temperature Data Display Device,Remote Temperature Data Display Touchscreen, and temperature measurement system. The wireless temperature sensors include 5 kinds of battery operated sensors , ATE100, ATE200, ATE100M, ATE100P, ATE200P and 1 CT powered sensor ATE400. The measurement accuracy of Wireless Temperature Sensor is up to 1 celsius degree, Wireles Temperature Data Transceiver can reach 150 meters in an open space.…


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