Single Packed Sweet Maize Cob

Sweet corn is a kind of corn, also known as vegetable corn, Gramineae, corn. Sweet corn is one of the main vegetables in Europe, America, Korea and Japan. Because of its rich nutrition, sweet, fresh, crisp and tender characteristics, it is favored by consumers from all walks of life. Super sweet corn is widely planted because of its high sugar content and long harvest time. China is the world origin center of waxy corn with a long cultivation history. Waxy corn is rich in nutrition and has high edible value, which is widely used as nutritional food in the world. Do you prefer Fresh Single Packed Sweet Corn or Fresh Double Packed Sweet Corn? If you use corn as a meal replacement and consume it after a workout, a Single Packed Sweet Corn Cob will be more convenient. If you enjoy cooking at home, then the Double Packed Sweet Corn Cob would be more appropriate. 


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