Silica Based Stitched Microporous Board

Ecotherm consists of K 1000 microporous panels can endure high temperature up to 1100℃ with super low thermal conductivity, linear shrinkage, good flexure strength and low density. K 1000 family includes K 1100, K 1000-pro, K 1000 and beyond. To customer’s requirement and application, we offer various options.  Ceramic Kilns Flexible Microporous Board is based on separation technology. This involves small particles of dispersed silica creating micro-pores with diameters of less than 2nm (nanometres). The resulting sheets combine a porous structure with a low density, reducing their heat conductivity. Ceramic Kilns Flexible Microporous Board blocks these three modes of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation. Ceramic Kilns Flexible Microporous Board makeup minimises contact between molecules, reducing energy transfer from one molecule to another, and therefore reducing heat transfer due to conduction. There is also less convective heat transfer,…


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