Inner Mongolia Sunflower seeds 601

Sunflower seeds contain arginine in their protein.  Arginine is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of semen.  Therefore, in the reproductive period of men, eating sunflower seeds every day is very good for the body.   601 Sunflower seeds characteristics: Shell color: The shell is black with white stripes and bright color. Morphology: slender, plump kernel.And relatively cheaper price with good quality. Taste:  The raw material taste is slight sweet and roasted taste is fragrant. Our company main products are:363/361/601/2399 scuff seeds, etc., exporting to many countries and regions: Egypt,North Africa, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon, Uzbekistan,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan and so on. For better service and expand sales scale,especially for biggest markets, the company has established a perfect overseas marketing system in Egypt, with  personnel responsible for,renting warehouses…


Grade AA 185 type walnut and kernel
Green food Sunflower Seeds 363
Big size Sunflower seeds Type 363
Grade AA pumpkin seeds GWS for export
Raw or Roasted Sunflower Seeds 361
Harvesting sunflower seeds 361
20 years experience sunflower seeds 361
Harvesting sunflower seeds 363
Big sunflower seeds 363
Hot selling high for Walnut
Leisure sunflower seeds 363
Wholesale 601 Sunflower Seeds

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Our company is located in Inner Mongolia. Since then we have been professional in high quality sunfl…

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