High efficiency rotoe core lamination

The iron core is an important and key component of the motor. In addition to the dimensional compliance requirements, the iron weight is a very critical control factor. If the iron weight is insufficient, it will directly lead to unqualified performance indicators such as large no-load current and temperature rise of the motor. COMPOUND PUNCHING Compound punching outputs a complete motor lamination in one action, some more complicated PM motor rotor laminations may need to be stamped twice. Undoubtedly, laminations produced by compound punching have good flatness and concentricity, and the production rate is also very fast. It’s quite a good choice for medium-to-large volume production, although the cost of the tool is not cheap, when the cost is allocated to each motor lamination, the compound punching solution seems to be both efficient and economical.   COMPOUND PUNCHING MOTOR LAMINATION Obviously, compound punching is suitable for the med…


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