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Peanuts are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E, which has a strong antioxidant effect, can remove excess free radicals in the body, prevent free radical peroxidation, help improve skin condition, and delay aging. Peanuts are rich in zinc and lecithin, both of which promote brain development. It can provide sufficient nutrition for brain cells, improve the memory function of the brain, and prevent memory decline. How to eat: There are many ways to eat peanuts, which can be eaten raw, fried, fried, or cooked with other grains and beans in porridge or rice. The best way to eat peanuts is to boil them. Boiled peanuts can preserve their nutrients and medicinal ingredients well, and taste very delicious, which is good for human health after eating.  Jilin Youmi Agricultural and Sideline Products Import and Export Co., Ltd. focuses on building a green base, builds a characteristic industrial chain, deepens the channel supply chain, vigorously develops export trade, and lead…


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