Wuxi Huanawell Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


East Yanyu Rd. Qianzhou Town,Huishan District, Wuxi, China

WUXI HUANAWELL METAL MANUFACTURING CO., LTD was founded in 2013, as a company focused on safe storage system, our products include Outdoor explosion-proof containers, Intelligent safety cabinets, Flammable safety cabinets, Acid storage cabinets, Narcotic cabinets, Spill containment pallets, fireproof filing cabinet, magnetic proof data cabinet etc., as one of the professional manufacturers exclusively for sophisticated top-class Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets. ZOYET products conform to global relevant industrial standards,Industrial and laboratory products comply with OSHA, NFPA, FM, EN and other safety standards and certification; Office series products comply with UL, CE, SP, SINTEF, gost, KS and other safety standards and certification, and approved by China national level testing Lab. – Jiangsu Institute of Metrology (JSMI), meanwhile tested by globally unique 7,000 gauss magnetic proof type test. To "create a world class safety cabinet enterprises, striving for…

New Developed Intelligent Safety Cabinets Narcotic Safety Cabinets Corrosive Safety Cabinets Chemical Waste Temporary Storage Cabinets Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets PP Fume Hoods Combustible Safety Cabinets Emergency Shower And Eye Wash Stations Gas Cylinder Storage Cages Flammable Safety Cabinets PP Acid And Corrosive Storage Cabinets Portable Eyewashs Gas Cylinder Cabinets


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