Shandong New Materials Co., Yu Chi


Inside the former Guohong Petrochemical Plant at the intersection of Chenguang Road and Lantian Road, Shilipu Street Industrial Park, Rencheng District, Jining, China

Shandong Yuchi Company wholesales gear oil, hydraulic oil, anti-rust oil, guideway oil, vacuum pump oil, air compressor oil, flushing oil, refrigerating machine oil, emulsified oil for hydraulic supports, high temperature chain oil cutting fluid, quenching oil, turbine oil.

Quenching Oil Hydraulic Transmission Oil Transformer Oil Industrial White Oil Stretching Oil Turbine Oil Air Compressor Oil Worm Gear Oil Open Gear Oil Heavy Duty Industrial Closed Gear Oil Medium Load Industrial Closed Gear Oil Water Glycol Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic Rail Oil Low Setting Antiwear Hydraulic Oil Heavy Duty Vehicle Gear Oil Antiwear Hydraulic Oil

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