Nantong Ecotherm Insulations Co., Ltd


Rugao Xiayuan Industrial Park, Nantong, China

Nantong Ecotherm Insulations Co., Ltd.( Referred to " Ecotherm") started in 2018. As a high-tech enterprise, Ecotherm team are devoted to developing superior insulation materials including microporous board and vacuum insulation panel. Microporous board are used in high temperature insulation under classification temperature 1100℃ across various application in steel, electric furnace, aluminium, non-ferrous, ceramic, glass, petrochemical industries. Vacuum insulation panels( Referred to "VIP") are increasingly used in building, cold chain, refrigerators and hot waters industries. Our superior thermal performance makes us over other manufacturers.

Stitched Microporous Board for Piping Aluminum Industry Heater Insulation Board Fumed Silica VIPs For Health Care Container Fumed Silica VIPs For Refrigerator EPP Cooling Box Lift Doors Fluted Polypropylene Cooling Box Fumed Silica VIPs Core Materials Fumed Silica VIPs for Building


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