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There are many ways to eat barley, the most common way is to cook porridge. When cooking, use a high heat to boil first, then use a warm fire to boil it, and it can be eaten after it is cooked. Some people like to add sugar when eating barley porridge, and some people like to add red dates and glutinous rice to cook together to increase the deliciousness of barley. It is also very suitable to make soup with some foods that can play a warming and tonic effect. You can stew chicken legs, tomatoes and barley together, which is not only easy to digest, but also has a very good nourishing effect. Barley is not easy to digest, so try not to eat more, especially for the elderly, children and people with stomach cold and gastritis. Jilin Youmi Agricultural and Sideline Products Import and Export Co., Ltd. focuses on building a green base, builds a characteristic industrial chain, deepens the channel supply chain, vigorously develops export trade, and leads the development direction…


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