Choicy RF Vacuum Body Shaping Physiotherapy

Multifunctional RF Vacuum Body Shaping. Vacuum Body Shaping System. According to the treatment site,items, demands, matching applicators. Easily achieve the purpose of perfect body figure, weight loss, skin tightening and skin texture improvement. RF Vacuum Body Shaping Device. Vacuum roller are easy to use.With the good use of  vacuum rf machine can reduce of the treatment time and course of treatment to achieve the desired effect.RF Vacuum Body Shaping System. vacuum rf slimming machine. vacuum roller slimming machine. vacuum rf machine. Product description Working Theory It utilizes vacuum to activate cell lymph nodes, let the excess fat and waste flow out of the body resulting in muscles tightening at the same time. The principle of vacuum suction is that tone the muscles in the opposite direction to achieve the anti-geocentric suction effect, then massage different connective tissue to optimize the subcutaneous tissue microcirculation so a…


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Choicy Group, based in Guangzhou, China, has been specializing in medical equipment for more than…

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