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Breakfast recipes for fitness woman: a pack of about 80 grams of boiled chicken breast, one egg, 5 shrimps, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, appropriate amount of sweet pepper, 100 grams of corn, so that it is suitable for double intake of protein and high-quality carbon water Men’s fitness breakfast: 120 grams of boiled chicken breast, 200 grams of corn, one egg, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, 150 grams of salad vegetables, 4 to 4.5 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight. As the Fresh Corn for travel, we have Non Gmo Corn Cut for sale. We also have Ready-to-eat Sweet Corn Kernels. Compared to the Single Packed Sweet Corn Cob or Double Packed Sweet Corn Cob, Sweet Corn Kernels are more suitable as a healthy food to take with you when you travel and to fight hunger. We have included a small spoon at the bottom of each bag, so you can eat without getting your hands dirty.It also can be taste as Fruit Sweet Corn Kernels.   sweet corn kernels details as follow…


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