HAODA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED specializes in high-speed turn-key PCB services:PCB design, PCB Fabrication, PCBA and Components Sourcing, we provide services for about 4000 customers around the world. HAODA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is a local factory focused on the "multiple species, short delivery time, rapid prototype" PCB manufacturers in Shenzhen . Company Had accumulated plenty of advantages over the years in PCB prototype, PCB mass production , with the help of many years of experience in the PCB industry and technology precipitation, the company reputation continues to improve, product quality has been recognized by different type customers all over the world... We can serve you: 0-18Layer FR4 board: 1 layer LED Based Night Lamp 4 Layer Power line Circuits 6 Layer Laser Circuits 8 Layer Button Motor Controller Circuits 12 Layer Touch Activated Switch Circuits Quick Turn PCB: 12 hours for 2 layer PCB 24 hours for 4 layer PCB 48 hours…

Mixed Assembly MCPCB Box Build Assembly 12 Layer Touch Activated Switch Circuits Flame Resistant PCB BVH PCB Aluminum 3.0W LED Board Turkey PCB Assembly 4 Layer Power Line Circuits Roger 4350 Printed Board 6 Layer Rigid-flex Immersion Gold PCB Aluminum 2.0W LED Board Through-Hole Assembly

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