Prodiamonds Hardware Co., Ltd.

Prodiamonds Hardware is a Shower Door Hardware and Glass Hardware manufacture,supplier,wholesale distributor and exporter in guangdong, China. Prodiamonds Hardware is a Manufacture, Supplier, Wholesale Distributor and Exporter in Guangdong, China. We are constantly looking to add new products with added value through improved design or quality over what is currently in the market. Our Products are designed to complement other fixtures thought out the frameless shower doors, Glass Balustrade and Handrail systems, Frameless Glass Pool Fencing and Commercial Glass Door Hardware. Our Main Market is USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand as well as different Countries of the world. What Glass Hardware Does Prodiamonds Hardware Supplies? • Shower Door Hardware: Shower Door Hinges, Lifting Shower Hinges, Bifold Shower Hinges, Shower Door Pull Handles, Shower Door Towel Bars, Shower Glass Clamps, Shower Door Knobs, Shower Support Bars and Shower Support Bar Connectors, Sli…

Shower Door Wipes and Seals Sliding Shower Door System Shower Support Bars Shower Door Knobs Shower Pivot Hinges Shower Door Pull Handles Lifting Shower Hinges Heavy Duty Shower Hinges Adjustable Standard Bevel Shower Hinges Rectangular Shower Support Bar Connectors Beveled Shower Glass Clamps Standard Duty Shower Hinges Square Shower Glass Clamps Round Shower Support Bar Connectors

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